Smart Tips on the Fastest Way to Learn Playing a Guitar

Time, they say, varies. Some people have had an almost lifelong romance with their guitar while others just completed it all within a few months. I think the length of time it will require for you to learn the guitar is actually up to you.

Personally, I feel that time in this case is inconsequential. The question is whether you want to learn music. If music is your passion and your drive, I suggest you learn it for as long as it might require. In this case, it is not how long, but how much you want to learn within the given time that matters. It is better for you not to learn the guitar at all than for you to learn it only in incoherent bits and pieces.

To help you get an idea as to how long you will take before you become a guru with the guitar, I have created a little compilation of test questions that will tell you how much your drive is in the learning of the guitar. Answer these questions as truthfully and knowledgeably as possible and they will reflect how much you really want to learn the guitar, and how long it will take.

First, tear a piece of paper and make a one-to-ten list. In order of importance, I want you to make a list of the things that are important to you in order of importance. These include people, activities, interests, pastimes, etc. here’s an example for you:

  1. Job
  2. Spouse
  3. kids
  4. Church
  5. Beer
  6. food
  7. pets
  8. watching TV
  9. reading the dailies
  10. Playing video games

If by any chance, playing guitar is on the top five of your list, here are the data that your little list reveals.

For you, playing the guitar is not just a pastime, and is something of a priority. Constant daily practice is a must, and you will need an instructor to guide you through the whole learning process. You can do yourself a favor by reading a lot of music books. You should beware of accumulating unwanted guitar information in your bid to become the guitar king you want to be.

How long it will take you to learn the guitar? Your whole life!

if you do not have guitar on your top five list, do not be sad. You can still make it, only yours will be the quicker and brisker approach. Here are the words for your case:

In your case, it will take you basically twelve to eighteen months to learn the guitar. You will just need a well arranged guitar training course to get you started, and for you the option of a private tutor is your choice. You will do well with thirty minutes a day training for three to four days per week.

How long will it take for you to learn? Hmm, twelve to eighteen months.

If you do not even have it on your list, you just need to go and look for a song and start playing