Social Media in the University Classroom

As a person who’s been active in education, as an adjunct professor for a few NYC universities over the past 10 years, my experience has been that students are embracing interactive marketing and social media education beyond traditional marketing.

Ultimately, the students benefit from the real-world exposure that’s timely for their current and future careers. Given that social media tends to be mastered by many youths, social media often fits into their job descriptions at internships before leaving college. Further, with interactive marketing growing strong, while other industries flail, this is a viable job and internship source.

This is not to say the fundamentals of traditional media and marketing should not be learned as it helps build the foundation for why interactive marketing and social work so well. After all, it’s a different media or method but the basic principles of marketing are still the same. Engage the customer, target your niche, provide invaluable offers and make them respond.

My findings have been that students tend to embrace this type of learning because it captures their attention for immediate use. Not unlike learning a trade, on the job training, or continuing education which is very popular among adult learners and master’s degree programs. Some schools, obviously, are going to 100% online learning which often requires extensive Internet Marketing in itself for finding new students.

Ultimately, if the student is engaged in the topic, they’ll do well from both an academic and practitioner perspective. So the more we teach about Internet Marketing and Social in the classrooms, we’re helping along the workforce and future employers of these students. Truly a win-win for all involved.